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Walden Ivor Macnair
10 October 2009 @ 07:31 am
Plot post for Walden Macnair!

Walden is: Slytherin, 7th year, Beater, very outspoken supremacist, history of abuse and low-key violence against muggleborns, about to take the mark, dry sense of humour, bamf. His character sheet is here.

Since we left him:

Walden started to mellow a little under Alice's influence and with the promise of him finally receiving the mark at Xmas. After the holidays he'll be becoming a bit more laid back and approachable: regularly creeping out to violently torture and kill some mudbloods is a lovely way to blow off some steam, guys. not to mention the regular sexing

He's still as outspoken as ever with his views, but he can actually stand in a room with a Blood Traitor or a muggleborn now. He just allows himself to fantasize about your demise. Kidding. Sort of.


- Dating Alice Richardson for four months. Completely smitten, don't even look at her. Don't even.
- Best friends with Lucius Malfoy. He would take a freaking BULLET for this man.
- Sick, twisted, hilarious bromance with Antonin Dolohov. He would take a freaking RUSSIAN PROSTITUTE for this man.
- likely to grow closer with Thomas Nott over mutual girlfriend worries. Not that DEs worry. TELL NO ONE.
- Slowly becoming closer and very loyal to Narcissa Black.
- Actually quietly fond of both Black sisters.
- Very close to Roarke Rosier, who was the first person to realise that he wasn't just a great brainless hulking bully.

He needs....well hell, I'm open to everything. HIT ME.
Walden Ivor Macnair
21 June 2009 @ 06:52 am
Plot post for Macnair!
Walden Ivor Macnair
21 June 2009 @ 05:55 am
1. Why (does/will) your character support Dumbledore or Voldemort? Or why (are/will they be) they neutral?

Walden came from an upbringing where he was nothing more than wallpaper on the wall for eleven years, and landed by the side of Mulciber, a child who would openly look down on lesser blood and fawned over Walden whenever he shared the same sentiment. In second year he met Lucius, the heir of one of the top wizarding families, who singled Walden out seemingly because of his blood status and the way he dealt with mudbloods. Walden went from no attention to instant respect from any pureblood sharing his house, all because of his blood. That’s where it started. The more Walden acts for the cause, the more reward he gets (status, recognition, fear respect.) Blood supremacy has brought him everything. It also brings nobility to his thuggish tendencies; he’s not fighting fellow human beings because he’s violent, he’s fighting to save the world.

There was a thread we did with Walden and Alice where she asked him if taking the mark was really what he wanted; he answered yes, but then realised that he couldn’t come up with any of the reasons why. I don’t think he truly believes that the world would be a better place if they won, I think he just believes in himself as a superior being. He’s personalised the entire war, it’s about him and what he needs. He’s just fucking belligerent.

Onward...Collapse )
Walden Ivor Macnair
21 June 2009 @ 05:54 am
1. Name and elaborate your character's top three POSITIVE characteristics.

1. Mature/intelligent. He has a very shrewd mind and a relatively adult outlook on life. It’s less noticeable now that he’s 17 as everyone is catching up with him, but even as a kid he was always very serious.
2. Observant. Not a lot gets past him.
3. Chivalrous. No really, honest! He‘s quite sweet towards women. Mudbloods don’t count as real people, obviously. Oh, and Rita. And um, Andromeda that one time but it was for her own good.

..well it WAS.Collapse )
Walden Ivor Macnair
21 June 2009 @ 05:53 am
1. Select a quote (can be literary, historical, a song lyric, etc) that either serves as a perfect motto or sums up your character well. Elaborate if you wish!

Alas after a certain age, every man is responsible for his own face.; and Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear. (both Albert Camus) is what I would say to my own character. Macnair himself would probably favour this paraphrase: Without respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts? - Confucius

2. What is your character's fondest childhood memory or scene?

The summer after first year when Athelstan spent most of the holidays with him. It was a little weird to have someone else in the house, but it was a good kind of weird. They mostly smashed stuff up and played at Mudbloods and Death Eaters.

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Walden Ivor Macnair
21 June 2009 @ 05:14 am
1. What is your character's theme song? Since Voldemort contacted him it's been Invasion - Unkle, especially for the line Are you all that you're cracked up to be? We all want it for you because dlk;jdsakfklsd it's judgement day Waaaalden... I always hear the first three minutes of Spiders and Vinegaroons - Queens Of The Stone Age in my head when he's feeling particularly evil.

2. Can you name 10-15 random things about your character?

1. When he was younger he had dreams of being a professional quidditch player, but then he realised people took more note of his temper on the pitch than they did his actual quidditch skills, so he cultivated those instead. Plus, ya know. Death Eater, not Star Beater.
2. He's horribly jealous of Rodolphus Lestrange. His status is higher, he's marrying a Black, he was captain of the Quidditch team and Walden suspects he even already has the mark. He's also just a massive arsehole.
3. He is more polite to house elves than he is to some of his Professors (not that that's saying much). The Macnair house elf was pretty much the only creature around when Walden was growing up, so he has a quiet respect for them and appreciates their willingness to serve. He's not about to leap to their defense when one of his cohorts mistreats them, but sometimes he does feel a twinge of anger on their behalf.
4. It took the sorting hat about two seconds to put him into Slytherin. It told him that he had "a ferocious need for recognition", but he only ever remembers the "ferocious" part.
5. He's an 'eat to live' person as oppose to 'live to eat'. His favourite meal would be steak and potatoes, but generally food doesn't interest him much at all. He wont eat fish of any kind.
6. The one thing he hates more than anything is being underestimated. Probably even more than he hates Mudbloods and blood traitors.
7. His favourite quidditch team are the Montrose Magpies.
8. He wont drink past the moment his brain starts to feel woozy. He doesn't trust himself enough to let go like that.
9. He lost his virginity to the 7th year Quidditch Captain the first year he made the team. She was a slag of almost Burke proportions, but at 14 you're generally too horny to care... he just made sure he didn't mention it to anyone is all. The thought of her makes him wince now.
10. Everyone around him is complaining that their parents are pushing them to marry, yet Walden's haven't mentioned it once. Presumably they just don't care either way. That actually stings him a tiny bit.

3. What do they like to do on their own? Do they crave and depend on company, or can they deal with quiet time? He prefers to be on his own, even when he socialises it's usually with just one other person. His curtains are almost always drawn around his bed and he gets really pissed off if his roommates don't take the hint. When he's on his own he spends a lot of time going through his journal reading other people's entries, and he also reads ahead in his textbooks a lot. He's a big reader despite appearances, just not of fiction.

4. If your character could take any three things + one person with them to a deserted island, what/who would they choose? an enchanted journal; his bludger bat and bludger; his wand. He'd take Alice Lucius.

5. Does your character fancy anyone? If so, name them and describe why they fancy that person, how it started, what they expect, etc. If not, describe a previous fancy they've had. He's quite rapidly falling for Alice Richardson. Alice stands up to him and constantly surprises him with her opinions, and he likes that they make each other laugh - real laughter, not the sardonic tittering that goes on in Slytherin house. He's a much more content and secure person when she's around, but he's no good with intimacy and is constantly fighting with himself not to expose too much. Now that he (almost) has Voldemort's seal of approval he's starting to think of making the relationship public, since his loyalty to the supremacist cause should speak much louder volumes than Alice's status as a supposed blood traitor (something that she has assured him she isn't). He doesn't know what to expect, but he secretly hopes it goes long term. He's very smitten, bless him.
Walden Ivor Macnair
21 June 2009 @ 05:13 am
Full Name (including middle): Walden Ivor Macnair
Character journal: http://macnair.livejournal.com
Date of Birth: August 1st, 1959
Any nicknames, including the embarrassing ones: If you call him Wally he will hex the shit out of you.
Blood: Pureblood
Location outside of Hogwarts: Temple in Midlothian, Scotland

House: Slytherin
Year: 7
Does your character belong to any clubs? Dueling, Slytherin Beater
Are they a Prefect, Head or Captain? no
What are their best/favorite subjects? A list is fine.
What OWLs did they receive?
* (P)Astronomy
* (A)Charms
* (E)Defense Against the Dark Arts
* (E)Herbology
* (P)History of Magic
* (E)Potions
* (A)Transfiguration

* (P)Arithmancy
* (E)Care of Magical Creatures

What classes have they chosen to take? DADA, Potions, CoMC, Herbology, Charms
What would they like to do after Hogwarts? What are their longterm goals? To serve the Dark Lord Something will fall into his lap.

When did they first exhibit signs of magical talent? You can either name the age of the character with some minor details of the story, or elaborate for us. Your choice! From six he spent considerable time willing magic to happen. He would practice levitating, moving and exploding objects. Things shook and wobbled about relatively quickly, but he was just shy of his seventh birthday before he finally managed to knock a vase to the floor out of will.
Wand: 9 1/2 inches, rigid, dragon heartstring and walnut
Patronus: Wolverine
Boggart: unknown. In class he blasted the shit out of it before it even had time to materialise properly.

Names of parents: Fenella and Allistair
What is their allegiance in the war? Rumoured to be Voldemort supporters. They're not about to confirm or deny that.
How does your character get along with them? Walden is incredibly removed from both parents, having had little interaction with them from a young age. His father was always too caught up with his Ministry work to notice his son; his mother relinquished her duties the moment he successfully entered the world. He is regarded as an heir to the good name rather than a thinking, feeling child, and now that he exists neither really feel the need to engage him in any way. As long as he lives, marries well and produces money, their job is done. Walden struggles to recognise his Mother as a Mother, and has mixed and complicated feelings towards her on the rare occasions that they're in the house together.
What do they do for a living? Allistair works as an Unspeakable. Fenella jaunts around Europe on his money.
Are they rich or poor? They have a very respectable amount of money. Not as rich as The Malfoys, Bones or Potters, but they do well.
Are they an only child, or do they have siblings? Only child.
If your character has any siblings, what are their names/ages? Do they get along? n/a
Any pets? Names, etc... an Owl

Who are their friends? Lucius Malfoy, who is his closest and only ture friend. He is also friendly towards Albert Runcorn and Antonin Dolohov. He has a lapsed friendship with Mulciber which ended in third year the moment Athelstan confided in Walden about his sexuality. Macnair froze him out immediately, feeling disgusted; but more so betrayed.
Who are their enemies? Mudbloods, Blood traitors.
Are they popular? Not outside of Slytherin House.

Interested in (straight/bi/gay): Straight, and incredibly wary of anything that isn't.
Have they had any romantic relationships? A three week tryst with Sabine Zabini born out of too much vodka and no good reason to say no. He broke it off after she started screaming and eventually slapping at him when she didn't get her way: she might well be fit, but she's also fucking psychotic. Generally he doesn't do romance, since he doesn't actually do affection. The closest he's come to being fond of a girl is Alecto; but there's nothing romantic in that, he's just loves a girl with bark and bite. Fond of sex, but not driven by it.
Are they popular with the opposite sex? I'm sure there's some freaks around that find his potential for destruction sexy. At the very least he's attractively built.
Any fancies, secret or otherwise? Has never been particularly affectionate towards a woman... until Alice. Through a chance meeting they clicked, and at the moment he's enjoying a relationship that has just recently gone public.

Height: 6ft 2
Weight: slim and well built
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: reddish brown
Any scars/handicaps? a large scar across the left knuckles; old quidditch injury.
Any habits/quirks? prone to long drawn-out periods of silence. Likes his own company. Engrossed in the enchanted journals that have flooded the school and reads them almost religiously. It gives him a strange sort of power to have such intimate knowledge of so many strangers. He never writes in his own unless it's to threaten or summon others.

APPEARANCE: With a menacing scottish accent and the height to match, Macnair exudes a quiet aggression that is incredibly intimating to many; and he knows it. He detests muggle clothing and spends most of his time in robes. He's broad without being overly muscley, keeping him quite agile on the Quidditch field. He is generally well turned out, liking to keep up Pureblood appearances and be perceived for the superior Wizard that he is.
LIKES/DISLIKES: loves: Slytherin, quidditch, vodka. hates: blood traitors, mudblood, muggles, Gryffindors.
Walden Macnair is a moody, aloof Slytherin who spends a lot of time silently observing and assessing those around him. He has few friends, only acquaintances, and avoids emotional attachments at all costs. The only loyalties he feels are to the Dark Lord and his one true friend, Lucius Malfoy.

His early years at Hogwarts were punctuated with earnest bullying of anyone with lesser blood than his. Together with his best friend Mulciber he would stalk the halls, tripping, hexing and hitting Mudbloods who were stupid enough to stray into their paths. Together with his less than sportsmanly conduct on the Quidditch field, Macnair cut a niche for himself as the resident bastard of Slytherin.

Now after seven years of terrorising and an irreversible split from his former friend, Macnair's violent streak has developed into a sort of grotesque legend. He allows this; fear is a type of respect in his eyes, but the attacks don't come nearly as often as rumoured. More mature (and secretly uneased by the explosiveness of his own outbursts), Macnair has developed into something far more befitting of a Pureblood heir; he stalks his victims in a drawn-out game of cat and mouse, which has as much to do with psychological warfare as it does actual physical harm. To the victim, it's as unfair as ever; to Macnair, it's a superior form of self-control that only a Pro like he could execute. In his mind he's managed to turn his previous thuggishness into a gentleman's sport.

Thanks to the influx of charmed journals, he's beginning to see how the pen might indeed be as mighty as the sword when it comes to intimidation tactics.